Thursday, March 13, 2014

Psychodrama, all over Facebook

Psychodrama is about groups and social networks, and you can find psychodrama on Facebook. Just for fun, I took a quick tour around Facebook to find out where psychodrama has landed. Here's what I found:

American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama is the U.S. membership organization, and this is its official Facebook page. You'll find news from ASGPP, with special emphasis on its annual conference. Link here.

Midwest Psychodrama especially welcomes members from the Midwest states, including Illinois, Indiana, Ohio,  Minnesota, Wisconsin and nearby. Link here.

The British Psychodrama Association  is the accrediting body for psychodrama psychotherapy and sociodrama in Britain. Link here.

The International Psychodrama Group has one of  the larger memberships on Facebook, at 1,072 members. Link here.

U.S. Psychodrama & Sociometry Journal focuses on research with about psychodrama, sociometry and related topics and encourages interest in and writing for the Journal of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy, published by the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama. Link here.

Open Psychodrama Study Group by Students, for Students and Practitioners is one of the newer Facebook groups, started by Adam Barcroft and focuses on studying for the U.S. certification exam. Link here.

Toronto Center of Psychodrama and Sociometry is related to the center in Toronto which has provided quality training in psychodrama, not only for residents of southern Ontario, but also for an international community of students. Link here.

Oxford School of Psychodrama and Integrative Psychotherapy is a psychotherapy training organization, originally called Oxford Psychodrama Group, and offers psychodrama workshops in Oxford and an online book shop. Link here.

Young Friends of Psychodrama focuses on younger people interested in psychodrama, but the truth is -- anyone can join! Link here.

Moreno Psychodrama Society comes from the "down under" country of Australia and is moderated by psychodramatist Sue Daniel. Link here.

Psychodrama Morocco, for anyone interested in what's happening in the psychodrama scene in Morocco. Link here.

Oh, yes, there's even more groups -- in Egypt, Russia and other places with alphabets and language that I can't read. Have fun touring and spreading  the word about psychodrama!