Friday, August 19, 2011

Clever video explains function of doubling for personal and social change

Here's another great video.

Edmund Chow, of Applied Theatre in Singapore, created this fun video to explain a role play technique from psychodrama, called "doubling." Doubling is a tool to help clients articulate unexpressed feelings and thoughts. When the client hears it, he or she can change it accordingly - whether he or she agrees or not.

By expressing these unsaid thoughts and feelings, the client may receive clarity on his or her feelings, thoughts or behaviors. As a result, the community serves as a therapeutic witness also develops empathy for the protagonist.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Keep updated on expressive arts therapies with this newsletter

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, the London-based publishing house that is a major proponent of creative therapies, has a new and exciting e-mail newsletter that will keep you updated on its most current offerings.

Here's the first issue of this Arts Therapies Newsletter which is a quarterly round-up of the publisher's new and forthcoming titles, upcoming events and illuminating contributions from JKP authors. This issue focuses on titles about poetry therapy, art therapy, music therapy, journaling and drama therapy. There's also a list of upcoming conferences and their links.

You can subscribe here. As a Jessica Kingsley Publishers author myself, I'm pleased to be associated with this organization.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dr. Marlo explains the value of psychodrama

Psychologist Marlo Archer explains the value of psychodrama in this YouTube Video:

Marlo now practices in Tempe, Ariz., but hails from the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wis. She attended parochial schools in the area  where she says, "I began my psychology career in first grade . My first 'client' remains my dear friend to this day. In around the fifth grade, I found out that people got PAID to do what I was already doing and from that moment on, I knew I would be a psychologist. It was not, however, until the seventh grade, that I learned how to spell 'psychologist.'” Full bio, web site and services here.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Cleveland Psychodrama Institute has a web site now

Connie Lawrence James

Thanks to the wonders of the wide world web, it's getting easier for all of us to share news and information about psychodrama.

One of the brand-newest web sites include the Cleveland Psychodrama Institute, which calls itself a center for learning and practicing the art of psychodrama and sociometry for counseling, groups, trial lawyering, teaching, coaching and self-discovery.

Founded in 2010, the Cleveland Psychodrama Institute is bringing networking and training in this leading-edge and effective method to northeastern Ohio, available to professionals who aspire to employ psychodrama, as well as people who long for deep and satisfying personal transformation. There are many useful links, including this link for attorneys who want to use psychodrama in trial setttings; see Dana Cole's article on Psychodrama and the Training of Trial Lawyers: Finding the Story.

The institute and its site are being organized by Connie Lawrence James, a licensed clinical social worker, certified experiential therapist and psychodrama trainee.