Monday, September 23, 2013

Explaining psychodrama info with an infographic

Infographics are everywhere -- and I just had some fun creating a brand new infographic about psychodrama. 

If you've been trying to explain the basics of psychodrama to your friends, clients, trainees or marketing prospects -- or are looking for a quick pictorial synopsis to add to your Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter pages, feel free to borrow!

In the meanwhile, take a visit to my own Pinterest page where you can find board about psychodrama.

Have a tour and enjoy more boards on topics of creativity for helping professionals and journaling where you can find warm-up ideas, art projects, info on music for healing, sand tray arrangements, constellation ideas and lots of other fun stuff.

As always, I offer supervision and training -- in southeastern Wisconsin and will travel! -- for how to integrate these ideas into the practices of all who are interested in action methods, psychodrama, constellation work and other experiential modalities.

On sustainable relationships and psychodrama...

Jackie Bergman is working with leadership for sustainability and Phil Carter leads work in psychodrama. Phil, a psychodramatist in New Zealand, provides a safe scene for exploration of the self and relation to others. Jackie, the author of  Fear or Love? You Choose! from Sweden,  finds this type of work essential for our striving for a sustainable society.

They talk about the future, spontaneity, life, connecting people who have been alienated by society and how group heals.