Sunday, September 9, 2012

More psychodrama blogs are out there!

Friends, this isn't the only psychodrama blog.

Oh, yes, there's a number of other psychodramatists who write about the method of psychodrama and how to use it. Others write commentary about life and emotional well being.

Some bloggers are funny and some are erudite. Some give advice. All give an interesting take on their thoughts about society, psychodrama and how to use the method to make the word a better place.

  • Lives In Progress, from Jude Treder-Wolff and Nick Wolff, the psychodramatic-creative arts therapy couple in Smithtown, N.Y., with always interesting articles about creativity and psychodrama.
  • The Psychodrama Companion, from William Wysong, a a longtime TEP in Colorado and popular presenter at our annual conference. 
  • Words and Images from the Mind of Adam Blatner, from the author of so many books about psychodrama including the often-revised and popular Foundations of Psychodrama.
  • Today's Drama, from Stan Smith, who writes about everything from group safety and ethics to Facebook and role theory.
  • Ask The Therapist, an advice column from Daniel Tomasulo on Psychcentral, plus The Healing Crowd for Psychology Today.
  • Psychodrama (just Psychodrama!) comes from Sue Daniel, one of the psychodrama pioneers  in Australia. A nice mix of pictures, poems, book reviews and more. 
  • Psyberspace is the creation of Walter Logeman, Christchurch, New Zealand, who subtitles his blog "Exploring the psyche in cyberspace."
  •  Krayna Castelbaum contains Krayna's thoughts on topics such as rest, love, joy and life, as well as the poem of the month and information about her practice in Oregon.
  • Daily Affirmations from Linda is the blog offering of Linda Condon, a Florida psychodramatist.
You can subscribe to most by RSS feed, a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Read more here about RSS.

Am I missing any? Contact me and I'll write more in this future blog.