Sunday, March 25, 2012

Psychodrama gets (+) mention in Psychotherapy Networker


The current issue of Psychotherapy Networker mentions psychodrama  for the good. In the current issue -- which celebrates the 30th year of the fabulous magazine -- a reprised article from 2007 looks at  "The Most Discredited Therapies."

The article contrasts therapies that have been considered discredited -- like prefrontal lobotomies, reparative therapies for homosexuality and others -- with therapies that are  deemed credible, like EMDR, humor therapy for depression, etc.
And about psychodrama: "Several older methods, including J.L.Moreno's psychodrama and Wilfred Bion's psychoanalytically oriented group analysis, also noted respectable ratings."  

In the article, psychologist John Norcross stresses that a discredited ranking of any treatment should primarily be construed as a call for more research, not as a condemnation, that experts "can and have been wrong," and that therapists shouldn't be afraid to be innovative and trust their intuition. Nevertheless, he says, the study has generated considerable controversy, including protests from many psychotherapists who pointed out that they themselves have successfully used some of the most "discredited" treatments like the Luscher Color Test for personality assessment.