Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Midnight in Paris" a great example of surplus reality

Midnight in Paris has been garnering lots of movie award sparkle, especially the recent win for writer-director Woody Allen as best original screenplay  from the Writer's Guild of America. He also received the Oscar statuette for the screenplay at last month's Academy Awards.

The film stars Owen Wilson as a modern Hollywood writer who stumbles into another dimension of time and has a chance to hang with his literary idols in the 1920s Paris of Hemingway and Fitzgerald and Stein.

This movie is a perfect example for working with surplus reality.  In psychodrama, surplus reality refers to putting into action a wish or a dream. The protagonist has the opportunity to experience this alternate reality to satisfy his or her "act hunger" and learn about self, choices and experience life from this other reality.

Here's a video that gives a taste of the movie: