Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rosalie Minkin's sociodrama manual is ready!

It's here -- the long-awaited sociodrama manual Sociodrama For Our Time by Rosalie Minkin which has been in the creation stage for the past couple of years. With the emphasis on psychodrama  -- working on one person's issues in dramatic form -- sociodrama has taken second place. In sociodrama, we work on social and cultural issues that affect a group, culture, country or globe.

Rosalie, TEP, MSW, ATR-BC, LCAT, has focused her work in the area of sociodrama through the years and has created sociodrama programs at drug treatment centers, hospitals, community organizations and in a variety of public and private settings. She has  worked with an assortment of groups, ranging from corporate lawyers to first-time youth offenders and drug-addicted teenagers. See her web site here.

J.L. Moreno described sociodrama as an action method dealing with inter-group relations and collective themes and issues. Rosalie's forthcoming book will offer the reader some of the following subjects: What is sociodrama?, New procedures of a sociodrama, New ingredients, The role of the director, Tools of a sociodrama, and offer ideas for sociodrama settings.

The book Sociodrama: Who's In Your Shoes? by Antonina Gracia and Patricia Sternberg is the classic in the field. Eva Leveton also wrote about sociodrama and drama therapy in her book Healing Collective Trauma Using Sociodrama and Drama Therapy in 2010. Now we have another addition to that section of the library!