Sunday, July 14, 2013

Explaining that "strange" word of psychodrama

My friend and colleague Marlo Archer, Ph.D., does a great job of explaining the strange word of psychodrama and how  -- although it's not a great word in the current marketing world -- is wonderful for growth, change and learning in Psychodrama -- A Powerful Approach to Healing, just published the new print and online issue of Together AZ.

Here's the start, as Marlo writes:

"I was in a family feud over money and needed some advice. I invited my dad to have a talk with me about it on a picnic table near Lake Michigan at the Summerfest grounds, under the Hoan Bridge on a bright, sunny day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He told me I didn’t need to worry about what my aunt and uncle thought, and he knew I’d make the right decision. We spoke of other things as well. We laughed and cried as I caught him up on everything that had happened in my life since he had died. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that my dad is gone?

"In fact, it was his estate and another estate that got us all into feud to begin with. However, through the power of psychodrama, I did, in fact, have a conversation with him and get all the advice I needed to move forward with my dilemma. Oddly enough, he was played by an Australian woman I had never met before, and she was perfect for the part."

What is she talking about? Here's the rest of the story.