Thursday, June 16, 2011

Discovering a David Kipper interview about psychodrama

David Kipper and workshop participants
  in Turkey.
David Kipper played many roles in his life -- as psychodramatist, scholar, author, workshop trainer and professor -- plus husband, father and community leader in his adopted hometown of Chicago.

By profession, David A. Kipper was a clinical psychologist who, since 1995, held the position of research professor of psychology at Roosevelt University’s School of Psychology in Chicago. His interests involved role playing, psychodrama, small groups, experimental therapy, psychological trauma and the relation between emotional arousal and action.

Recently, while doing online research, I discovered a warm and interesting interview with David from Aug. 26, 2003 , as he talked about his experiences and thoughts with psychodrama. This interview took place at the Lutfi Kirdar Congress Centre in Istanbul, Turkey. 

The interviewers sat with David after he presented his workshop “Psychodrama of Positive Experiences: An Experiential Reintegration Approach” earlier that day. David died in December 2010 at the age of 71 so this interview offers a bit of laughter and a rare window into his thoughts about psychodrama and memories of Dr. J.L. Moreno.

Find full interview here.

For eulogies and other information about David, see this web site.