Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's invitation to self care

Today's post is a guest blog from Connie Lawrence, a licensed clinical social worker and certified experiential therapist in Cleveland, Ohio, who uses psychodrama and other experiential activities in her practice.

This is an invitation to join me in a playful exercise in forming a whole new relationship with self care. Rather than the grim New year's crackdown of "I'm going to stop (eating, drinking, smoking, etc.)", how about an uplifting approach? How about indulging in an unlimted supply of whatever your soul really craves?

Here is the question:

"If I could have an unlimited supply of something in 2010, what would it be?"

Two years ago my answer was MUSIC. That year I bought my iPod and discovered a deep-sea underworld of rhythm, culture, healing and ideas springing forth of what people can do with the right music. I began germinating the concept of "Rock the House!" to build connection and spontaneity through music, which has led me to people around the country and inspiring activities. It opened up a whole new world of creativity.

Last year my soul's answer was SERENITY. I can have as much serenity as I want, whenever I want. I can stand up for it, protect it, and I deserve it. It led me to a new frontier of boundary-setting I didn't know was available.

Here's how I do this:

Once the answer bubbles up from my soul, I find a way to concretize it. Last year SERENITY was small box with a clear blue stone on it. It can be anything -- a drawing, a stone, a box, an art project, a simple note. Then I have some dialogue with it.

What would I like to ask Serenity?
What would Serenity say back?

Just as I sat down the write this message, I opened the Serenity box and found this note, "You can have as much as you want in 2009. Close your eyes, breathe, and I will be here. You deserve it. You've already set the boundaries -- and you can set more. Dive in."

So this is my invitation: let's indulge ourselves in good care. It's soul food that doesn't go to your hips. Please join me in the adventure.